Wine tour Peljesac with Oysters

Wine tour Peljesac with Oysters: Gourmands Paradise

DURATION: Up to 8 hours

Wine tour Peljesac

Wine tour Peljesac with Oysters is a must for all wine lovers. On the other hand, wine is not the only thing by which Peljesac is recognized. In fact, Peljesac is the number one area in the country for farming oysters which dated since Roman times and therefore is very famous. In addition, it’s also well-known for olive trees.
This tour will give you the best of Peljesac by enjoying its original products.

Just 45 min driving from Dubrovnik lies Peljesac – the second largest Croatian peninsula. We begin in Ston, a historic town especially famous for ancient salt factories and long defensive walls. Take your time for sightseeing and make a coffee break. The next stop is in the small village of Hodilje, known for centuries-long shellfish production. You will be boarded on a boat to experience oyster degustation, fresh from the sea, of course with a glass of homemade wine. After that, guided tasting in a nice winery is waiting for you at our next location, Ponikve. Finally, get ready to experience tasting run by third-generation wine producers with included cheese and olive oil with bread. In general, this is probably the best place of the Wine and oysters tour Peljesac. Furthermore, you will like beautiful landscapes of vineyards, olive trees, and Mediterranean plants.

During staying at Peljesac we warmly recommend you visit one of the best restaurants in the whole area. Have a delicious lunch in a restaurant owned by a fisherman. However, nothing but the fresh you will eat there – various fishes, lobsters, mussels, and other seafood.

Enjoy Peljesac and release yourself


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