Split tour

Split tour: A breath of the ancient times

tour from Dubrovnik

1-day tour (12 hours)

Split tour takes you to Croatian second-largest city. Split is not the only tourist city. In fact, it’s an administrative, and industrial center of Dalmatia and southern Croatia.
People live in Split since ancient times. There were many periods in Split history. Above all Greek, Byzantine, Venetian, and Habsburg. Up to the present time, you can see the remains of history. In the first place that’s the old town with Unesco’s list of Diocletian’s Palace. It’s the point of interest for tourists from the whole world. Mediterranean climate and sea just contribute to Split as a popular summer destination.
Split was always the city with a special atmosphere and good fun. There was good vibration mixed with classic, relaxed, Mediterannean life. Take a tour and meet this ancient city.


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