Safari tour in Herzegovina

Safari tour in Herzegovina: Day for adventure

Safari tour in Herzegovina from Dubrovnik

DURATION: 1 day (up to 10 hours)
A Safari tour in Herzegovina is an experience. It’s a trip in Pinzgauer terrain vehicles. As a result, you will reach areas of untouched nature. On the whole in a real safari feeling.

The trip starts from Dubrovnik. After 2 and a half-hour trip, we arrive at Kravica waterfalls. They are located on the river Trebizat, in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The waterfalls are a natural phenomenon. Kravica is under the country’s protection. In the first place as a natural rarity. Here is the starting point.

The 2-hour safari starts at the hill Butorovica. Near is the 15th-century tower of Herceg Stjepan. Significantly, it contains a tower Hercegusa and walls. Furthermore, there are the remains of a medieval town. The tour continues through the medieval town of Ljubuski. The next stop is the old water source Vodice. Drink some cold and healthy water.

Subsequently, we have a trip through the field of Ljubuski. It’s the place of the former vineyards, and now grasslands. We are passing the place Humac to reach the Vriostica river. Over a narrow bridge, we come to the Trebizat river. After, we see the monastery of St. Anthony in Humac. There is the oldest museum in B and H. You will see two churches from the 19th-century too.
The last location is the excursion site Ceveljusa. There we have lunch with Herzegovinian specialties. Then we return to waterfalls. Meanwhile, enjoy driving through the fields of sage, heather, and immortelle.
Prior to return to Dubrovnik, take your time to explore the Kravica waterfalls.


Package includes:

Passport is mandatory; some passports need a visa
The local currency is a convertible mark, kunas, and euros are accepted