Dubrovnik Panoramic tour

Dubrovnik Panoramic tour: The Essential


After taking the Old Town Walking tour as a no. 1 must-do in Dubrovnik, it’s time for Dubrovnik Panoramic tour as a must-do no. 2. This 90 minute tour includes visiting 4 points of city landmarks for the best Dubrovnik experience.

Included stops:

Dubrovnik bridge
Surely a place that offers a beautiful view of the famous Port Gruz. Large cruise ships together with attractive yachts can be seen there almost every day.
Source of Ombla river

Source of Ombla river, one of the shortest rivers in the world with only 30 meters of flow and a small waterfall. However, this interesting place contains other attractions like the remains of an old mill from the 15th century. Above the source is the location of Vilina cave, a prehistoric place from the 5th century BC, where old Illyrians lived.

Zarkovica hill

Above all this is the best panoramic view of the whole area. Beautiful view of Lokrum Island and Dubrovnik.

Mount Srd

The last stop of the tour is No. 1 Dubrovnik’s sightseeing spot. Breathtaking view of the one and only Dubrovnik.

As a result, you will find delight with views and surroundings. In conclusion, this tour will provide you the best spots for outstanding photos. Therefore, get ready to enjoy Dubrovnik Panoramic tour.

Package includes: