Best of Croatia tour

Best of Croatia tour Ultimate experience

Best of Croatia tour from Dubrovnik

DURATION: 4 days

Places to visit: Split, Zadar, Plitvice lakes National park, Zagreb


The best of Croatia tour’s first destinations is Split. The second-largest city in Croatia and the biggest coastal city on Adriatic is eventually the center of the Dalmatia region. Diocletian’s Palace is surely Split’s most recognizable symbol. It was built for the Roman emperor between the late 3rd and early 4th centuries. The complex is on Unesco’s World Heritage site since 1979. Just near the palace is the city’s famous promenade Riva with many bars and terraces you can sit to drink something and enjoy.

The Old Town offers several must-see locations that will take you back in time. Peristyle – central imperial square with Cathedral of St. Dujam, patron of the city. People’s square called Pjaca with Renaissance clock tower. Also Town Hall, and baroque Cindro Palace. In the center of the city is the Mediterannean square Prokurative, the stage of the Split festival for 60 years.


This ancient city has a very rich history full of stories and legends but is also a city of tourism. Traces of the first cultures in the Zadar area dating since the old Stone age. Since 2017. Zadar is included in the Unesco World Heritage site for the Defensive system built by the Republic of Venice between the 16th and 17th centuries. Besides regular historic attractions, Zadar has two very interesting new attractions. The first one is the Sea Organ. It’s an experimental musical instrument which plays music by way of sea waves creating always new sounds.

Just a few steps from Sea Organ is another new attraction – Greeting to the Sun. This monument contains lighting elements and produces a show of light as a symbol of communication with nature.


Oldest, largest, as well as most visited Croatian National park. It’s famous for 16 lakes, divided into the Upper and Lower lakes. In essence, lakes cover just 1% of a park while most of the area is covered with forest. Natural beauty, rich flora, and fauna, together with fresh mountain air are some of the main attributes of the park. Plitvice lakes are on the Unesco World Heritage list. Lakes location between two mountains and moderate mountain climate is a fantastic getaway during hot sunny days.


The capital and largest Croatian city. By all means, Zagreb is a political, economic, cultural, and administrative center.
Zagreb is also the most developed town in Croatia. The history of the city area reaches since ancient times. But the name Zagreb for the first time was mentioned in 1094. Old Zagreb has two parts, Upper and Lower towns. Both parts are attracting visitors with nice buildings, made in different styles of architecture. From gothic and dominating baroque till modern. Therefore, streets, squares, monuments, museums, cathedral, churches, and other architectural buildings beware attention for centuries.

It’s a must to take a walk on Tkalčićeva street, popular Tkalča, and make a break in one of many bars or restaurants. Nearby is an open market, the famous Dolac square. Another key point is just a few steps from Dolac. It’s the main city square – Jelačić square, the heart of Zagreb.

The Center of Zagreb also has a few parks, among which it stands out Zrinjevac. Galleries and an Archeologic museum surround the park. However, from the city center, all major landmarks are within walking distance. So it’s an easy way to get the best experience in the city.


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